Re: microtek scanmaker III,V,VI,A3 etcetera

Warren Early (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 21:26:12 -0800

Pardon my mistake. When I was told Scanmaker III's images were sampled from
36-bit but really only 30-bit I mistook that it was done at the hardware
Microtek confirmed your point that it's the bundled software that can't
36-bit images.

BTW, there is a developers kit and SCSI command-set document available for
download at:

Sorry, but it doesn't contain the older document you're looking for.

>Photoshop is one of the few programs that can handle anything bigger
>than 24 bits. As far as I know, photoshop can scan, read and "display"
>images in 48 bit mode (that's the next step, not 30 bits), but you can not
>edit these images. The only thing you can do is convert them to 24 bit.
>The documentation of the scanmaker III clearly states that it is a
>"TRUE 36-BIT colour or 12 BIT greyscale" scanner. that's the reason it is
>so expensive (I paid about 1000 us $ for mine (directly from a distributor,
>if you'd buy it through a dealer you'd have to pay at least 1300 us $, and
>that's without the transparency-media-adapter that costs another 250 $)).
>I bought this scanner because I want to digitise X-ray films, and these
>(unlike ordinary films and photographs) DO need this dynamic range
>(conventional photographs do not contain more than about a hundred grey-
>levels (7 bits), and conventional (negative) film does not go beyond 10
>bits). If the scanner is not a *genuine* 12/36 bit scanner, Microtek
>will be in, well let me put it this way, "sort of bigish" problems, I for
>one will ask my money back, and if word hits the street, so will some
>other users (if it's only 10/30-bit then it's definitely *overpriced*)
>regards, Theo.
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