microtek scanmaker III,V,VI,A3 etcetera

borm (borm@xs4all.nl)
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 14:09:32 +0000 (GMT)

Hello all, I just joined the list yesterday. I have bought a
microtek scanmaker III scanner in August. This is a 36 bit
colour scanner. I have tried in vain to find information about
the SCSI command set it supports. I tried to contact the author
of the MTEKSCAN utility (Jan Schoenepauck), the former microtek
employee present on this list (W. Early) and Microtek (both the
European distributor and in Taiwan). The only reaction I got so
far was from the European distributor, who emailed me a document
with the scsi command set for the scanmaker V, VI, E3 10 bit and
A3 scanners (18 models in total ) which are new or forthcoming.
Unfortunately these scanners are totally incompatible with
earlier models. (By the way microtek also manufactures some (or
all) of the more expensive AGFA models (eg duoscan 45), so some
of the information contained in this document may be applicable
to these models as well)(at least that's what I've been told by
a microtek employee)
For one or another reason the people at microtek seem to be
unable to locate any documentation regarding their earlyer models.
The document I am looking for is entitled:
"the Microtek SCSI Image Scanner Programmer's Reference"
Can anyone help me obtain this document; does anyone know who has
a copy? Is anyone interested in receiving the document entitled
"SCSI Command Set for Microtek Scanner rev. 2.2.4, aug 6 1997"?
(43 pages, about 130KB attachment).
I did manage to write a driver myself, using the information con-
tained in the MTEKSCAN source code, that works correctly in 24 bit
mode, but as soon as I address any of its 36 bit colour or 12 bit
grey scale capabilities the scsi interface throws up (claiming that
the scanner does not understand the command). I even went as far as
to connect a hardware scsi probe, and analyzed the commands sent to
the scanner by the original microtek software (windows 3.11/95),
but could not figure out what was happening. (saw a lot of commands
and data going back and forth, but nothing even remotely 36 bittish)
Does anyone have experience with the scanmaker III? I am starting
to wonder whether 36 bit scanner at all. (If it isn't that would
have some serious consequences)

yours sincerely,

theo borm

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