Re: New HP ScanJet backend.

eric (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 16:41:39 -0500

> In any case, if you're in a big rush to try it out this weekend, I've
> placed the patch on
> Since my e-mail gets to me through irving (the missing machine) I am
> unreachable until it is back up --- hopefully this evening, but who knows?

hi. I got the patch yesterday; it doesn't build "out of the box" on freebsd
3.0, because it tries to mask a bunch of signals one of which is SIGPWR which
freebsd doesn't seem to have, and it's not #ifdef'd.

Also, in xscanimage, if I click the "use custom gamma" button, the program
dies immediately with a floating point exception. I can try and get a stack
trace for you if you like.

I recall from your initial announcement that the multiple color curve stuff
doesn't work yet, so I won't pester you about that yet. :)


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