Re: New HP ScanJet backend.

Geoffrey T. Dairiki (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 17:22:59 -0800

Sorry to clutter the list, but direct reply to
<> did not work. (Non-existant host.)

Hi Eric.

Thanks for the report. I assume from the absence of a major gripe
that you got the new backend to give you basic scans at least?

I'll put an ifdef around SIGPWR.

> Also, in xscanimage, if I click the "use custom gamma" button, the program
> dies immediately with a floating point exception. I can try and get a stack
> trace for you if you like.

You could send me a stack trace if you feel like it. Maybe I'll be
able to make sense of it. My guess is that this is a GTK problem,
or maybe an xscanimage problem --- but I'd still be happy to look at
it. What version of GTK are you using?


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