New HP ScanJet backend.

Geoffrey T. Dairiki (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 18:56:39 -0800

Hi All,

I've been working on a "new improved" HP backend for SANE.

It's been more or less working for me for a few weeks now.

I have suddenly found myself without much time to work on it,
and some people have expressed interest in it, so I though
I'd make it available.

Warning: it's still very alpha --- it's poorly documented --- and, as
noted above, I don't have a lot of time to work on it right now.

It does support custom gamma-maps, and several other nifty
ScanJet features, which aren't available in the old backend.
It might (should?) work with all SCSI ScanJets: II{p,c,cx}, {3,4}{c,p},
and 5p. I've only tested in on my 5p though.

If you're interested, I've made it available as a patch on
the recent sane-0.68:

(Just in case you're worried, the patch leaves the old 'hp' backend
in place, and adds, in addition, my new 'newhp' backend --- so
you can choose between the two at run time.)

Jeff Dairiki <>

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