Re: Q: Status of Microtek backend??

Nem W Schlecht (
Sun, 11 May 1997 14:08:40 -0500 (CDT)

Michael J. Long e-mailed me on Sun May 11 08:40:27 1997
(Re: "Q: Status of Microtek backend??")
>I have looked through the mailing list archives and saw that
>a couple of people have volunteered to develop it.
>Does anyone know the status of the development?? I have a
>Microtek ScanMaker HRII and can't get mtekscan to work with
>it. Therefore, I am hoping this will work. I am willing to
>be a tester for it when it is ready.

Now that the summer time is here (ie - school is over) I should have more
time to work on this - however, I'll probably be using the mtekscan code as
a basis for anything that work on. In that case, it may not be very
helpful for you. :-(

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