Mustek Paragon CD II

Sven Neumann (
Tue, 6 May 1997 17:13:11 +0200 (MET DST)


a friend of mine and myself, were both trying to get a Mustek SP II but were
both shipped a new model called Mustek Paragon CD II. The vendor claimed that
only the name was changed and all technical details remained unchanged. This is
NOT the fact! I thought it might be of interest for the developers of SANE
that my friend has just crashed its new scanner by using the mustek-backend
of xscanimage with it! Don't misunderstand me: I don't want to bother anyone
here for this. My intention is to warn you not to use (better: not to buy)
this scanner unless there is a backend that knows how to handle this

I will try to give you as much information on this scanner as I can and I
hope that it will be somehow possible to make this scanner work under Linux!

First thing: It seems that the SCSI-card that comes with the scanner has
changed. Linux isn't able to initialize it. The card is labeled dtct3181 and
has a dtct436e chip on it. It has two jumpers, one to set a waitstae and the
other to change it from being plug-and-run to plug-and-play. When jumpered
plug-n-run (factory default) it isn't recognised by a PnP-Bios. When
jumpered PnP the BIOS and isapnp finds it. The card is however not
initialized by Linux.
I've read everything I could find about the compatibility with ncr53c400(a),
but the kernel (module g_ncr53...) does not seem to see the card at all,
even if I do initialize it with isapnp (seems to work).
All insmod says is: initialization failed, no matter what I choose as
ncr_addr and/or ncr_irq.
I also tried the mustek-patch by I.Baumgart, but this also failed.

As it is suggested to buy another card for the mustek scanner like e.g. an
NCR 810 we have tried to use the scanner with this card. It is correctly
initialized by the kernel, the scanner is found, everythings should work
just fine...
When my friend started preview from xscanimage on his scanner the thing
went crazy, brutally damaging the moving parts!! I don't know why exactly
this happened but we are afraid, that Mustek changed the protocol of the

So far... Has anyone of you heard of similar experiences? Do you know
someone who uses this model with Linux? Any ideas how to solve this?

Salut, Sven

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