Re: Handheld Scanners supp.?
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 13:15:43 +0200 (MET DST)

> Theod> I happen to own a TWAIN-compliant CG-8000 Mustek(800dpi)
> Theod> color scanner (with GI-1906 interface card) and i can't find
> Theod> any programs that can make use of it (under linux). I know i
> Theod> may be asking for too much, but are you planning to provide
> Theod> support for handheld scanners (or generally twain devices) as
> Theod> well in the future?
Handheld scanners will generally require a kernel-module, as most of them
are using a proprietary Interface card. I am unsure, if the generic
Mustec handheld scanner driver will be able to handle the newer (color)
models, but here is a pointer for what to search :

Developer Email Driver name
Thomas Faehnle (m105)

This driver should be found on any major Linux-site, probably best on sunsite.

> It certainly would be nice to have this scanner supported.
> Unfortunately, I don't have any docs for handheld Mustek scanners (nor
> do I have such a scanner). If you want, I could try to get you in
> touch with Mustek Tawain. They might be able to help you find the
> necessary programming docs, at least. But it does, of course, assume
> that you'd be interested in writing a backend for these devices.

If the above driver doesn't work, it will probably be a good place to start
from. It conforms to the Linux handscanner IOCTL interface standard which
should be enough to describe these types of scanners.

SANE support will be done using a LHIIS-to-SANE-bridge when I come around
to it. This won't be hard, as the basic design idea behind LHIIS is the
same as the one behind SANE (though the latter has a much improved

> FYI: TWAIN is a _software_ interface and since there are no TWAIN
> "drivers" available for Linux, it really doesn't help at all that the
> scanner system is TWAIN compliant.
;-) - the old story ... just like VESA - though VESA is a lot better ;-)

> Maybe the Mustek handheld scanners _are_ hw-compatible with some other
> scanner, but I have no info on this (maybe somebody else on this list
> knows better?).
See above ...


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