Scanners not supported by SANE

Manufacturer and model

Canon FS4000
Canon FS4000US

Bus type


Vendor ID


Product ID



Probably SCSI over USB. After opening these inscriptions are visible:

CARD Z919-03 Main
Other references found :
The biggest chipset is (more than 200 pins) :
Canon Kikka
0214 Z24
Another one :
The next one :

Again :
RONALDO # nice name...:-)
Japan 0206EAI
And the last one :
WPE04020 *or* WPD4020 (not sure)


Dave Burns is trying to write a backend for that scanner.

Eric Bachard is interested in getting this scanner supported. He provides more details about it in this post to sane-devel on 2003-08-07 and yet more information in this article .
Ulrich Deiters ukd at xenon.pc.Uni-Koeln.DE writes: I had a look at a transaction log of a Canon FS4000 connected via SCSI: The SCSI commands are not the same as for the other Canon scanners. A number of them is vendor-specific and - since Canon does not make programming details available - undocumented. Hence the Canon-SCSI backend cannot be used for this scanner.

Film/diapos scanner.

The /proc/bus/usb/devices output looks similar to the Canon FB620.

Is reported to work with Vuescan (SCSI).

Output of /proc/bus/usb/devices or sane-find-scanner -v -v

T:  Bus=01 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=01 Cnt=01 Dev#=  2 Spd=12  MxCh= 0
D:  Ver= 1.00 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=ff Prot=ff MxPS=16 #Cfgs=  1
P:  Vendor=04a9 ProdID=3042 Rev=10.01
S:  Manufacturer=Canon
S:  Product=Scanner 
C:* #Ifs= 1 Cfg#= 1 Atr=60 MxPwr=  0mA
I:  If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 3 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=ff Prot=ff Driver=usbscanner
E:  Ad=81(I) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  64 Ivl=0ms
E:  Ad=82(I) Atr=03(Int.) MxPS=   8 Ivl=10ms
E:  Ad=03(O) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  64 Ivl=0ms


Manufacturer: Canon
Speed: 12Mb/s (full)
USB Version:  1.00
Device Class: ff(vend.)
Device Subclass: ff
Device Protocol: ff
Maximum Default Endpoint Size: 16
Number of Configurations: 1
Vendor Id: 04a9
Product Id: 3042
Revision Number: 10.01

Config Number: 1
	Number of Interfaces: 1
	Attributes: 60
	MaxPower Needed:   0mA

	Interface Number: 0
		Name: usbscanner
		Alternate Number: 0
		Class: ff(vend.)
		Sub Class: 0
		Protocol: 0
		Number of Endpoints: 3

			Endpoint Address: 81
			Direction: in
			Attribute: 2
			Type: Bulk
			Max Packet Size: 64
			Interval: 0ms

			Endpoint Address: 82
			Direction: in
			Attribute: 3
			Type: Int.
			Max Packet Size: 8
			Interval: 10ms

			Endpoint Address: 03
			Direction: out
			Attribute: 2
			Type: Bulk
			Max Packet Size: 64
			Interval: 0ms


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If you own an unsupported scanner, please send as much information as possible. Especially the output of sane-find-scanner -v -v and/or cat /proc/scsi/scsi (for SCSI scanners) or cat /proc/bus/usb/devices (for USB scanners) can help. If you dare to open the scanner, have a look at the text that's printed on the chips. That may help to identify the chipset. If you know that the scanner is similar to another one (e.g. supported by the same Windows driver), please also mention this fact.

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