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2020-02-02: SANE-Backends-1.0.29 has been released:

  • Backends
    • adds an escl backend (theoretically supporting all AirPrint devices with a scan unit
    • adds support for 23 new scanner models via existing backends
    • significantly changes genesys and pixma backends
    • fixes bugs in canon_dr, fujitsu, hp3900, mustek_usb2, plustek and xerox_mfp backends
    • fixes all compiler warnings on Debian 10 (#120)
    • fixes portability issues for uClibc-ng and MacOS builds
    • adds support to record and replay USB I/O traffic
    • adds timestamps to debug logs
  • Frontends
    • fixes a 32-bit arithmetic overflow issue in scanimage
  • Documentation
    • updates translations for British English, Catalan, German, Ukrainian, Valencian
    • adds scangearmp2 external backend descriptions
    • updates hpaio and utsushi external backend descriptions
    • adds the ChangeLogs/ directory to the source tarball (#103)
  • Build
    • additionally requires libcurl and libxml2 to build the escl backend
    • requires libxml2 for USB I/O recording and replay functionality
    • re-enables pthread support for backends that use its API directly, irrespective of the pthread_t type (#153)
    • moves the genesys and pixma backends to a directory of their own


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