SANEI  1.0.27-229-gef85977e-dirty
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sanei_backend.h File Reference

Compatibility header file for backends. More...

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Data Structures

union  Option_Value
 Option_Value union. More...


#define SANE_I18N(text)   text
 Internationalization for SANE backends. More...
Compatibility macros
#define __func__   "(unknown)"
#define PATH_MAX   1024
#define M_PI   3.14159265358979323846
#define MM_PER_INCH   25.4
#define sigset_t   int
#define sigemptyset(set)   do { *(set) = 0; } while (0)
#define sigfillset(set)   do { *(set) = ~0; } while (0)
#define sigaddset(set, signal)   do { *(set) |= sigmask (signal); } while (0)
#define sigdelset(set, signal)   do { *(set) &= ~sigmask (signal); } while (0)
#define sigaction(sig, new, old)   sigvec (sig,new,old)
#define SIGACTION   sigvec
#define SIG_BLOCK   1
#define SIG_UNBLOCK   2
#define SIG_SETMASK   3

Declaration of entry points:

#define sane_init(a, b)   ENTRY(init) (a,b)
#define sane_get_devices(a, b)   ENTRY(get_devices) (a,b)
#define sane_open(a, b)   ENTRY(open) (a,b)
#define sane_get_option_descriptor(a, b)   ENTRY(get_option_descriptor) (a,b)
#define sane_control_option(a, b, c, d, e)   ENTRY(control_option) (a,b,c,d,e)
#define sane_get_parameters(a, b)   ENTRY(get_parameters) (a,b)
#define sane_start(a)   ENTRY(start) (a)
#define sane_read(a, b, c, d)   ENTRY(read) (a,b,c,d)
#define sane_set_io_mode(a, b)   ENTRY(set_io_mode) (a,b)
#define sane_get_select_fd(a, b)   ENTRY(get_select_fd) (a,b)
#define sane_cancel(a)   ENTRY(cancel) (a)
#define sane_close(a)   ENTRY(close) (a)
#define sane_exit(a)   ENTRY(exit) (a)
SANE_Status ENTRY() init (SANE_Int *, SANE_Auth_Callback)
SANE_Status ENTRY() get_devices (const SANE_Device ***, SANE_Bool)
SANE_Status ENTRY() open (SANE_String_Const, SANE_Handle *)
const SANE_Option_Descriptor *ENTRY() get_option_descriptor (SANE_Handle, SANE_Int)
SANE_Status ENTRY() control_option (SANE_Handle, SANE_Int, SANE_Action, void *, SANE_Word *)
SANE_Status ENTRY() get_parameters (SANE_Handle, SANE_Parameters *)
SANE_Status ENTRY() start (SANE_Handle)
SANE_Status ENTRY() read (SANE_Handle, SANE_Byte *, SANE_Int, SANE_Int *)
SANE_Status ENTRY() set_io_mode (SANE_Handle, SANE_Bool)
SANE_Status ENTRY() get_select_fd (SANE_Handle, SANE_Int *)
void ENTRY() cancel (SANE_Handle)
void ENTRY() close (SANE_Handle)
void ENTRY() exit (void)

Detailed Description

Compatibility header file for backends.

This file provides some defines for macros missing on some platforms. It also has the SANE API entry points. sanei_backend.h must be included by every backend.

See also
sanei.h sanei_thread.h

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SANE_I18N (   text)    text

Internationalization for SANE backends.

Add SANE_I18N() to all texts that can be translated. E.g. out_txt = SANE_I18N("Hello");