Re: Please report status of tested systems for sane-pre1-1.0.5

From: Paul Floyd (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 15:29:18 PDT

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    Oliver Rauch wrote:
    > Hello.
    > To make the "supported platforms" list for sane-1.0.5 up to date:
    > Please could you report the status of all systems you tried
    > to compile sane-pre1-1.0.5 on?

    Not working:

    OS/2 4, snapscan 1236s, emx (gcc 2.8.1)

    This code:

    static SANE_Status read_calibration_data (SnapScan_Scanner *pss, void
    *buf, u_char num_lines)
        static const char *me = "read_calibration_data";
        SANE_Status status;
        size_t expected_read_bytes = num_lines *
        size_t read_bytes;

        DBG (DL_CALL_TRACE, "%s\n", me);
        zero_buf (pss->cmd, MAX_SCSI_CMD_LEN);
        pss->cmd[0] = READ;
        pss->cmd[2] = READ_CALIBRATION;
        pss->cmd[5] = num_lines;
        u_int_to_u_char3p (expected_read_bytes, pss->cmd + 6);
        read_bytes = expected_read_bytes;

        status = snapscan_cmd (pss->pdev->bus, pss->fd, pss->cmd,
                                 READ_LEN, buf, &read_bytes);

    tries to call snapscan_cmd to obtain 244800 bytes, but the maximum that
    sanei_scsi_cmd2 (USE_OS2) will cope with is 32K. This either causes
    a sigsegv or an assertion error (depending on whether debug mode or

    Increasing the value of MAX_DATA causes the aspi driver to trap the OS.

    A bientot

    Paul Floyd        (for what it's worth)
    If more is better, are double standards better than single ones?

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