Re: unknown type M or level @, using B3

From: Gerhard Schuck (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 22:03:39 PDT

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    On Saturday 16 June 2001 09:10, you wrote:
    > On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 11:51:02AM +0900, Gerhard Schuck wrote:
    > > Well, during installation I had some trouble with my video card (after
    > > inserting an ethernet card) because of  irq conflicts and changed the
    > > order of  the pci-cards. Finally I deselected usb support in my bios
    > > (which is no problem for me). But I'm not shure whether this is the cause
    > > of my problems
    > The missing USB support is definitely not the cause for your problems, SCSI
    > does not depend on the USB drivers.

    Yes of course. What I wanted to say is, I'm not shure whether the irq
    conflicts and the changing of the order of the pci-cards could have somethig
    to do with my actual problem

    > Is your scanner the last device on the bus? Is it properly terminated?

    It's the first device and therfore not terminated. But I tried also to use it
    as the only device with termination on. But still the same problem.

    Gerhard Schuck

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