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From: Douglas Gilbert (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 05:46:15 PDT

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    David Mosberger-Tang wrote:
    > Just a heads up: I upgraded my cable modem today and this triggered a
    > change of IP address. Unfortunately, I couldn't prepare for this
    > change ahead of time because my ISP promised me that changing the
    > modem won't affect the IP address. Well, the ISP was wrong...
    > Anyhow, it will probably take a couple of days to get all the DNS
    > records updated. In the meantime, you should be able to send mail to
    > sane-devel and visit the SANE web site by using the new IP address
    > ( instead of the hostname (
    > I'm sorry about the inconvenience this is causing. But I'm reasonably
    > optimistic that this will be the last ISP related change for a
    > while...

    Since this announcement, I no longer receive email from
    the SANE mailing list. Do I need to re-register?

    Doug Gilbert

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