xsane-win 0.78 prescan

From: Christoph Knauer (christoph.knauer@web.de)
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 09:04:48 PDT

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    Hi People,

    I don't know why, but since I've updatet to xsane-win 0.78 my preview wil
    show only the blue channel. During scanning it shows just the actual
    scanned color on my screen, so at the end blue is there.

    When I do the real scan, the result is ok, but it's not really possible to
    adjust anything with this preview.

    It works so o Win98SE, and on Win NT4SP6a also. With xsane-win 0.77a the
    preview was ok. I made no changes on my server (Suse 7.1, sane 1.04).

    So long, Christoph

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