Re: Hardware details for FB630U

From: Stefan Nilsen (
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 14:50:21 PDT

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    > After running out of options for trying to understand the interface, I
    > decided to pull my scanner to pieces earlier this evening. Canon had done
    > a good job with one-piece moulded plastic and unnecessary amounts of glue,
    > but I got the glass off and removed the PCB cover without breaking
    > anything. And yes, they've gone out of their way to cut corners.
    > Findings:
    > (1) LM9830 chip, courtesy of National Semiconductor (note: parallel port
    > chip).
    > (2) GL640 USB-to-parallel convertor. Docs are fairly inpenetrable, though
    > I hoped someone here might have come across this chip before: it's a
    > standard one used in printers, IIRC. Anyway, here's the link:
    > (3) One other large chip (an SBT, SB61H1024AS-12), which looks like RAM,
    > plus other small ones (I've noted numbers and taken photos of the PCB for
    > posterity).
    > So it looks like we're dealing with a parallel port scanner with a USB
    > interface tacked on. Any suggestions as to where to start...?

    Look at the following project.

    It does not use the exact same USB-EPP bridge, but they might be very
    similar, or perhaps, identical in function.

    Good luck!

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