Re: Umax Astra 2100USL(?)

From: Oliver Rauch (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 09:04:08 PDT

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    Ralph Angenendt wrote:
    > Hi,
    > while searching for "available" Scanners with a SCSI-Interface I came
    > across the Umax ASTRA 2100USL, which is supposed to have an USB _and_
    > a SCSI interface.
    > But I can't find this Scanner neither on the Sane websites nor on
    > Oliver's website, not even on the Umax website.
    > Can I assume that it works as the ASTRA 2100S, which is supported?

    Hi Ralph,

    I do not know a UMAX Astra 2100 USL Scanner.
    I only know the Astra 2200SU / 2200W which has an USB and a
    SCSI interface.

    If the Astra 2100 USL has a SCSI interface there is a good
    chance that it does work or needs a simple change to
    make it work. But we had some scanners that took more
    than one year until they worked.



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