Re: driver differeces

From: David Paschal (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 00:41:47 PDT

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    > i have an hp 6100 scanjet. the sane site lists a 6100c driver ( as did
    > the hp site ). does anyone know the difference between the two
    > scanners, also as far as the driver is concerned? will the 6100c driver
    > make the 6100 function favorably or at all?

    Hi. ScanJet "6100" and "6100C" are equivalent, so you shouldn't have a
    problem using SANE with it. In general with HP peripherals that have
    multi-digit model numbers like this, two devices with the same number but
    different letter suffixes (no suffix, C, Cse, Cxi, etc.) have few or no
    differences, and often the only difference is in the software bundle, which
    doesn't affect you anyway if you don't use Windows.

    On the other hand, older ScanJets and LaserJets with single-digit numbers
    (for example, ScanJet 4c and 4p) are different, and IIRC such ScanJets with
    an "s" or "si" prefix aren't currently supported outside of Windows.


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