[dev] Updates/fixes of manual pages

From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (henning@meier-geinitz.de)
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 11:28:13 PDT

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    Today I took a look at all the manual pages. I fixed some small issues:

    * Added sane(7) to all manual pages (if this wasn't done already)
    * Changed @LIBDIR@ from $(libdir) to $(libdir)/sane in doc/Makefile.in as
      this is the place where the SANE libraries are placed. This was wrong in
      all manual pages for years. As I didn't want to change all the
      manual pages, I did the change in Makefile.in.
    * Fixed output of whatis/apropos for some backends. These had an empty
      line after the ".sh NAME" and therefore the description line was
      empty. (test with "apropos sane"
    * Fixed some minor formatting issues in some backends. Hint: If you
      want to write something bold or italic and directly after that a "."
      (period), you can use ".IR important ." or ".BR important .".
    * I changed/updated some paragraphs in sane-scsi.

    Details are in ChangeLog.

    While reading through all the man pages I found some more issues
    (mostly minor things) that I didn't fix. I put the list to TODO, so we
    don't forget to fix them. If yor backend is listed here, please check
    your man page.I haven't read every single word of every man page so
    there are definitely more bugs than these:

      * Check for logical errors and spelling
        - agfafocus (CONFIGURATION: Microtek scanners? SANE_DEBUG_AGFAFOCUS:
                     SANE_DEBUG_UMAX values? Last paragraph of DEBUG)
        - apple (Compression (AppleScanner), Multiple Windows (AppleScanner),
                 ftpdev.info.apple.com doesn't exist, DEBUG)
        - artec (BUGS)
        - mustek_pp (SEE ALSO, there is no sane-musteka4s2(5))
        - plustek: (http://www.linuxhacker.org/listscgi-bin/ezmlm-cgi/3: not found!)
        - umax_pp (DESCRIPTION: "sticky" bit --> isn't this the "setuid" bit?;
                   DEVICE NAMES: "...only one parallel port this port...")

      * Check for formatting bugs in manual pages:
        - apple (The list of scanners doesn't look like a table)
        - artec (CONFIGURATION: F<artec.conf> and similar)
        - nec (DESCRIPTION, list doesn't look like a table)
        - pie (Last two lines in table are not aligned; the last .PP generates a
               new page)
        - sharp (table isn't aligned)

      * If you mention sane-devel, also mention the website concerning
        subscription (http://www.mostang.com/sane/mail.html), because you can't
        write to sane-devel without subscribing.
        Or use your own mail address in the manual page.
        - abaton
        - agfafocus
        - apple
        - bh
        - dc210
        - dc240
        - dc25
        - epson
        - hp
        - microtek
        - mustek_pp
        - pint
        - st400
      * Use @LIBDIR@, @CONFIGDIR@ and the other @@ macros to refer to paths.
        These are updated when installing to a non-standard prefix.
        - umax
    Also please check if your manual page is uptodate with your backend.


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