xsane-0.78 source released

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de)
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 11:31:04 PDT

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    The sourcecode of xsane-0.78 is released and can be downloaded from


    Pay attention, the E-Mail mode is experimental.



     - when the backend defines a new scanner surface it is updated correct now
       when the reduced preview surface does not limit the new surface
       (added expand_surface to preview_update_surface()
     - preview scan is aborted when backend sends more image data than expected,
       the preview image is saved in this case
     - the preview image is saved now when the preview scan is canceld, so the
       already scanned part of the preview keeps visible
     - when two preview levels have comparable quality it is used the preview
       that is more up to date (scanned later)
     - applied sanei_wire.c patches from sane-backends-1.0.5 to xsane-rc-io.c
     - changed default values: histogram, and standard options windows are visible by default now
     - added function (pirate icon) to delete preview image cache
     - added mail project dialog
     - added mail setup dialog
     - added routines for sening images by mail (base64encoding, mail headers, smtp headers)

    Source code, list archive, and docs: http://www.mostang.com/sane/
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