Re: Device I/O error

From: Douglas Gilbert (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 19:56:23 PDT

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    Bob Jerrard wrote:
    > In trying to get an HP ScanJet 4c operational on a new Mandrake 8.0
    > Linux machine I have installed
    > sane-1.0.4-2mdk
    > sane-backends-1.0.4-2mdk
    > libsane1-1.0.4-2mdk
    > [snip, device lock up which didn't happen before ..]

    Looks like Mandrake 8.0 may not have picked up the patch for
    SCSI command timeouts that has been in SANE CVS since January.
    I'll download their source rpms and check.

    Redhat 7.1 does have an appropriately patched version of
    SANE 1.0.3 in its distribution (thanks to Tim Waugh).

    As a sidenote, I cannot find the source rpm for libsane-1.0.4
    on a Mandrake mirror.

    Doug Gilbert

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