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From: Franz Bakan (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 13:56:43 PDT

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    On Tue, 5 Jun 2001 19:49:23 +0200, Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

    >> When xcam starts it's window is to huge and it's impossible to reach
    >> the 'play'-button. Is there any parameter that can be set that
    >> xcam starts with a less window size than 1152x864?
    >The length of xcam is dependent on the number of options that your
    >scanner provides. As xcam is a pretty simple program, no such nice
    >things as sliders are implemented.

    But this means it is only usable on > 20" screens.
    I think the _initial_ size should be smaller than at least
    1024x768 on all platforms independent of the number of
    parameters. Or the 'play' button should be in the top-region
    of the window.

    I use 'WindowMaker' as windowmanager and so never have a
    chance to reach the resize buttons :-(

    >> Second problem is that the default preferences cannot be saved.
    >> (error creating file. Same problem in xscanimage)
    >Is the exact message "Failed to create file:"? If yes, is there any
    >output after this message (see xcam.c, line 223)? I guess colons are
    >not allowed in OS/2 filenames? The usual name of a xcam file is
    >So maybe the filename can be changed to contain an allowed character
    >instead of ":".

    I see and will try to find a workaround.



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