Re: xsane requests username and password after saned has exited

From: Mick Barry (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 01:53:25 PDT

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    Nick Lamb wrote:

    > On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 08:32:16AM +0200, Oliver Rauch wrote:
    >> What must be implemented is a communication between saned and sane-net
    >> that makes sure that saned does not die as long as sane-net (and the
    >> frontend) is still running.
    > In that case, wouldn't it be a good idea to remove all the special case
    > code from saned which makes it commit suicide if left idle for more
    > than a few moments?

    Yes please :)
    I'm just about to implement a workaround for our client to deal with
    this issue, and I'd really prefer to be spending my time on other things.


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