Snapscan 310 at Adaptec 1505 does not work

From: Onno Garms (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 10:42:28 PDT

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    I cannot make my Agfa SnapScan 310 work with sane. I run SuSE 7.1
    (kernel 2.4). The scanner is SCSI and is connected to the Adaptec AVA
    1505 it ships with.

    The scanner works with the Linux demo version of Vuescan. Moreover the
    scanner worked with the same adapter card and the same cable on a
    Windows computer.

    Problem with sane: When saying "scanimage -d snapscan:/dev/sg0"
    nothing happens. The only think I can do is to press control-C.
    Other sane-based scanning programms don't work either.

    Configuration I did:

    - Initialized the card with pnpdump / isapnp. Worked:
    Output of isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf (after setting up
    Board 1 has Identity de 0a 94 72 3c 05 15 90 04: ADP1505
    Serial No 177500732 [checksum de]
    ADP1505/177500732[0]{SCSI Controller }: Port 0x140;
    IRQ10 --- Enabled OK

    Turning off plug'n'pray with the DOS-program, assigning fixed IRQ and
    playing a bit with the parameters etc. didn't make a
    difference. Initializing the card with the BIOS didn't make a
    difference either.

    - modprobe aha152x 152x=0x140,10,7
    Several combinations of further parameters didn't make a difference.
    modprobe returned no error messages.

    - made sure sg0 is a public readable

    - commented out everything but snapscan in dll.conf (because
    recommented for my sort of problem in the FAQ) Makes no

    - terminated the SCSI-bus. With Vuescan the scanner works with
    termination and without termination. With sane the scanner never

    - checked the output of programs that should find the
    scanner. All seem to be OK:

    [find-scanner from sane package]
    find-scanner: found scanner "AGFA SNAPSCAN 310 1.90" at
    device /dev/sg0

    [scanimage -L]
    device `snapscan:/dev/sg0' is a AGFA SNAPSCAN 310 flatbed

    Attached devices:
    Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 02 Lun: 00
      Vendor: AGFA Model: SNAPSCAN 310 Rev: 1.90
      Type: Scanner ANSI SCSI
    revision: 02

    when loading the module: some messages, but nothing suspicious.
    when trying to scan: no message at all

    Did anyone get the SnapScan 310 to work with sane? What can I do to
    find out what causes the problem?

    Onno Garms

    Onno Garms

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