Re: Twain interface

From: Oliver Rauch (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 14:22:51 PDT

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    Nigel Feltham wrote:
    > Has anyone thought of the possibility of adding a twain backend to sane with
    > use of the WINE project to allow use of WIN32 drivers for hardware otherwise
    > unsupported under linux (similar to the way the XINE linux video player can
    > use windows video codec dll's) or is this not possible due to hardware access
    > problems?

    Hello Nigel,

    the first problem I see is that it shall not be possible to turn
    off the graphical user interface of a lot of twain drivers.
    So it does not fit any more into the sane protocol.

    May be it would be possible to write a gimp plugin.

    But in general I do not like such things because they are not
    even good for system stability and speed.



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