RE: Getting my scanner to work

From: Mark Stewart (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 08:30:58 PST

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    > > login as user:
    > > -nothing works
    > > loging as root:
    > > -terminal-> 'xscanimage' doesn't work
    > > -desktop applauncher->xscanimage *does* work
    > >
    > > That doesn't seem right. Is it?
    > >

    > You have stated it succinctly: That doesn't seem right. But, it is! I
    > have _no_ explanation nor theory, except that obviously permissions
    > somewhere need to be reset.

    Well, even the permissions thing doesn't seem right. su'ing to root gives
    you the permissions you need. If it doesn't there's something *deeply* wrong
    with the system or there is a environment variable in a init file that
    doesn't get run when you simply doesn't get run.

    About the desktop-applauncher, how is this setup? Are there additional
    arguments being passed to xscanimage from it? There must be something
    different there for the it work when running the same program from the
    terminal fails.

    Also, can you tell me which driver is being used?

    I tried this morning to login directly as root and ran xscanimage (albeit
    from a console) and got the usual hung scanner.

    Thanks very much, Bob. I'm *so* jealous of your success with nearly the same
    equipment. Perhaps I should start looking around for a 1220S...


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