Acer 300F

From: Gabriele Conrad (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 13:53:39 PST

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    sorry to bother you with this question, since this seems to have been
    discussed before, but I wasn't able to make neither had nor toe from
    what I read in this mailing list.
    I have an Acer 300F Scanner which I haven't been able to get working
    with linux. The scanner is listed under /proc/scsi/scsi, but I can't get
    sane to recognize it. So far this has been discussed before in this
    place, therefore I know, that it is possible to get my scanner working.
    Unluckily I'm not so bright when it comes to linux, so I would be really
    happy if someone could give me a step by step tutorial about what to do.
    TIA for your kindness.

    Gabi Conrad

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