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From: Rick Frank (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 21:51:20 PST

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    Greetings TWG;

    I'm trying to resolve a very serious and expensive problem. My
    company is Northrop Grumman and we're a government Defense
    Contractor. Several years ago we purchased for the government,
    several thousand Logitech Pagescan Color scanners (parallel port
    version) for a contract we were working. About two years ago
    Logitech made the business decision to leave the scanner business and
    henceforth, sold their scanner patent to a company called Storm
    Technologies. Some time later, Storm Technologies filed for
    bankruptcy and went out of business -- leaving no support for the

    About a year ago the project decided to upgrade the PC platform to
    Windows 2000. A number of pretest measures were taken to ensure the
    software application was compatible with the W2000 upgrade. But
    unfortunately, no one bothered to verify beforehand that the scanner
    would operate properly. Now, to our misfortune, we find it would
    not! Apparently, the device driver is no longer compatible.

    Logitech was (and as far as I know, still is) part of the original
    TWAIN consortium. Several persons have said to me that it may be
    possible that there is a TWAIN driver that can be used as a driver
    for the Logitech Pagescan Color scanner. Is this the case? If not,
    then is it possible that the specifications for designing a new
    driver for the scanner for Windows 2000 might be acquired through the
    TWAIN Working Group? If no to both of these questions, is there any
    way that I can possibly find a copy of the driver specifications
    needed to develop a driver for this device. Please not that Logitech
    has already told me that they no longer support the device and Storm
    Technologies is now defunct.

    I appreciate your assistance.

            "Byron E. Thornton" <>


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