microtek scanmaker x6

From: Juraj Bednar (juraj@bednar.sk)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 10:12:18 PST

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      I just got the microtek scanmaker x6, installed a 2.4.0 kernel for the
    scsi device and it worked quite simply, but. In xscanimage, I'll switch
    the resolution from 8bits to 12bits (which are the only two possible
    choices) and it does _NOT_ work in 12 bits in color mode (it's supposed
    to scan in truecolor in color mode, at least that's what the scanner
    manual writes about). Any ideas?

    I have:
    sane-1.0.3 from mandrake 7.2

    default adapter with default settings and everything.

             Juraj Bednar.

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