Re: HP Scanjet 3300 [also Re: HP 3400 scanner information]

From: Adrian Perez Jorge (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 18:57:15 PST

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    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Hi Jay,

    It will be useful every different combination of scanning, but trying
    to understand button polls is a good way to start coding and testing.
    That's the first thing the hp4200 test program could do, and also for
    the IBM Ideascan (

    To understand (only) the scanning protocol, it will be better to
    exclude the button polls from the log file.

    It will be nice to publish all those log files in the WWW, so people
    interested in those files, or just curious people, can view/download
    them. Maybe opening a sourceforge project could be the easier way.

    Please, don't forget to annotate the scanning parameters used to
    generate those log files! (and save the scanned image)


    Adrian Perez Jorge

    >The extra traffic in the control URB's may be due to the process which
    >watches for button presses. When I was capturing the log file for the
    >3300 I noticed that the log had data being collected even when the scan
    >application was inactive, and traced it down to some settings under the
    >"scanner" icon in the control panel. In there you specify which
    >applications are tied to which button on the scanner. I can't remember if
    >I had disabled the polling for button presses before I took the log file
    >that I sent for the 3300, but I could send you a log file with just the
    >button press polls if you would like.
    >-Jay Higley

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