Re: HP Scanjet 3300 [also Re: HP 3400 scanner information]

From: Adrian Perez Jorge (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 08:29:59 PST

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    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) >> >To me this protocol is absolutly alien.
    >> >It has _no_ connection to the protocol of the 5300.
    >> That's really a pity. I thought those 8-byte vectors could be a kind
    >> of a ``SCSI scanner'' like command. Anyway, rev-eng is fun (I hope).
    >You are refering to those:
    >The 8-byte vectors I have found in the hp4300 log file are:
    >01 01 00 00 60 00 00 00
    >^ ^
    >| +--- hi-byte (length)
    >+------ lo-byte (length)
    >00 00 00 00 2a 5d 00 00
    >This one is from the hp3300 log file:
    >01 00 00 00 38 dc 00 00a
    >At first glance no, at the second glance I've changed my mind.
    >A scsi command is usually 6 bytes. It may be 10 or 12 bytes, but never 8.
    >If it indeed is scsi then it is encapsulated. If you strip of the leading two
    >bytes the one in the example might be a scsi INQUIRY command.
    >If this is true the example should have resulted in a reply of 0x60 bytes.
    >Could you check ?

    After the 0082 (Value) request, there is always a bulk transfer. In
    this case the bulk transfer is 0x60 bytes length. I should not use
    TAB caracters in my e-mails to buid the diagrams. The 5th byte of the
    8-byte vector is the hi-byte and the 4th byte is the lo-byte of the
    length (not the second and first as your mail reader may be showing
    this text).

    But in that case, the bulk transfer data comes from the computer to
    the scanner... so it doesn't seem to be a `reply'.

    >In addition you should then find a transfer of type III resulting in
    > 00.

    Just after the bulk transfer a type III transfer doesn't take place.
    The 8-byte request is URB #574, and the next type III request is URB
    #816 . The next 8-byte req is URB #598, so it seems type III requests
    are not a status byte for those 8-byte requests.

    >If this turns out to be the case, I'd suggest that you use usb-storage,
    >protocol CB on the scanner. It might just work and save you a lot of trouble.

    Thanks for the info. I have ignored usb-storage and seems a fairly
    common interface for SCSI and USB. I'll first look for the specs and
    compare the protocol.


    Adrian Perez Jorge

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