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Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 08:54:03 PST

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    Oliver Rauch, Don, 04 Jan 2001 :
    > mh wrote:
    > >
    > > Hi,
    > > can someone tell me, whether there's anything planned to
    > > improve internationalization in SANE?
    > I already tried the same thing one year ago but did not get any
    > resonse to it.
    > saneopts.h shall only include texts that are used by several backends.
    > Additional texts have to be made public by the Backend maintainer.
    > There are some files in xsane-0.*/backend-po including a german translation for the
    > umax backend.

    Hi Oliver/all,
    that's sad :-(
    I already noticed your efforts to supply translations for the backends.

    What do you think about the following way (maybe for the next SANE release)?
    It could be done like in Qt:

    Define a macro that actually does nothing (but marks the user visible strings).

    From Qt2.2.3/src/kernel/qobject.h:
    #define QT_TR_NOOP(x) (x)

    If you don't like this, call it SANE_TR_NOOP.

    Add the following to the SANE standard:

    "If a backend uses strings which are not defined in saneopts.h and which
    are visible to the user, the SANE_TR_NOOP macro must be used.
    Example: SANE_TR_NOOP("Your Text") "
    (Someone should translate this to real english :)

    3. If this is done, one can simply extract the strings from the backend
    sourcefiles by searching for SANE_TR_NOOP with a small c or perl program.
    (I think, if you call it QT_TR_NOOP one could use lupdate and linguist
    without further efforts)
    I don't know, whether this makes sense for GTK apps (the .ts files generated
    by lupdate are in XML format).

    Just an untested thought, comments welcome...


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