Re: Installation and man page of find-scanner

From: Nick Lamb (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 08:37:17 PST

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    On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 04:52:14PM +0100, Oliver Rauch wrote:
    > fine, do I understand it right that you want to do this?

    Too busy - I haven't a hope of dedicating any more time to any more
    projects, and I already have three or four things I wanted to do for
    SANE this year, with hours to go I don't think taking on more is a
    good idea. :)

    If there's really no-one to add even rudimentary USB support to the
    find scanner tool we could go with your "sane-find-scsi-scanner" or
    just add a message, in hope of future support:

    # Sorry, so far this tool only checks for SCSI scanners. If your scanner
    # attaches via parallel (Printer) or USB port it may not be detected
    # even if it is present and working.


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