Re: Installation and man page of find-scanner

From: Nick Lamb (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 04:05:03 PST

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    On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 09:12:19AM +0100, Oliver Rauch wrote:
    > when we rename it we sould add a "scsi", something like:
    > sane-find-scsi-scanner

    I don't think it's essential that find-scanner is a SCSI tool, this is
    just a coincidence. When it was written the majority of supported
    hardware was SCSI, and "discovery" of PP devices was hard.

    sane-find-scanner should _aim_ to detect most common hardware such as
    USB scanners (I went shopping with my parents at the ~$100 pricemark
    this Christmas and EVERY scanner was USB) and renaming it because of
    the features it has today seems short-sighted.

    On Linux for example, /proc/bus/usb/devices contains a list of stuff
    attached to the USB bus. Even though scanners apparently don't belong
    to a fixed class and may use several drivers, we can eliminate a lot
    of possibilities by parsing this list. If the user doesn't _have_
    /proc/bus/usb we can remind her to install USB support (cf SCSI generic)

    I don't know how the list feels about writing explicit detection for
    vendor/product IDs because obviously that's a lot of maintenance work
    and if someone from the USB camp wants to say that my suggestion is
    unworkable that's fair - they know this ground better than I do.

    Otherwise this sounds like a good project for someone new to SANE but
    with a bunch of USB hardware kicking around. The "sane-find-scanner"
    rename still sounds good to me.


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