Re: Umax 600s/Adaptec 2906 trouble

From: oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 08:47:23 PST

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    Mark Stewart wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I'm working on getting my Umax Atra600s working with my Linux box using a
    > cheap Adaptec 2906 SCSI PCI card. I tried the version of SANE that was
    > installed along with my distro Mandrake 7.1 ( version 1.0.2) as well as
    > building the 1.0.3 release from source. In both cases I was able to make the
    > scanner start to scan--the mechanism moved--but immediately thereafter it
    > halted and the scanimage program would hang. The scanner light flashed
    > rapidly, only stopping when I restarted it.

    Hi mark,

    please edit sane-*/backends/umax.c nex to line 53 add the following line:

    (put it after the line #define BUILD ...)

    The recompile and reinstall sane and try if that changes anything.


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