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From: Lawrence Glaister (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 16:55:40 PST

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    Hi John,
    you will need to get the latest snapscan backend from the link above.
    I have not built a version recently, but I have my snapscan 1212U working
    (most of the time) with sane 1.0.3. I think it is probably worth trying sane
    1.0.4 that has just been released and the latest snapscan backend. This
    scanner still seems to need some tweaking... Its great to have another user
    who can help with testing, debugging and generally thrashing out problems
    with the backend. There are several other users on this list with the
    1212U... there seem to be 2 versions, one that needs firmware downloads
    (known as the 1212u_2 and the older 1212u that seems to have rommed
    The guys on this list seem to be quite helpful getting things running, but
    it may take a few experiments.
    Hope this helps
    Lawrence Glaister VE7IT email:
    1462 Madrona Drive
    Nanoose Bay BC Canada
    V9P 9C9
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    > Hi...
    > A Merry Christmas where applicable!
    > I've been digging into making my Snapscan 1212U working. The normal
    > 1212U driver doesn't work, so I decided to try and find out why. Not a
    > too expert programmer in C and not having too much info on scanners
    > either, please pardon stupid questions...
    > To check if the data coming from the scanner made any sense, in scanner.c
    > I enabled RD_DATA_DUMP and made a minor change so the function would
    > dump all data instead of just 24 bytes. This works, but I seem to miss a
    > lot of info: for example, a preview in color produces about 5kB in dump,
    > while the image is really about 100kB long. Questions:
    > -Am I missing another read function I have to capture somewhere?
    > -Is the data compressed? (don't think so)
    > -Is there maybe an easier way to spy on USB?
    > John
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