A few questions

From: John Coppens (jcoppens@linux2.uccor.edu.ar)
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 11:32:20 PST

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    A Merry Christmas where applicable!

    I've been digging into making my Snapscan 1212U working. The normal
    1212U driver doesn't work, so I decided to try and find out why. Not a
    too expert programmer in C and not having too much info on scanners
    either, please pardon stupid questions...

    To check if the data coming from the scanner made any sense, in scanner.c
    I enabled RD_DATA_DUMP and made a minor change so the function would
    dump all data instead of just 24 bytes. This works, but I seem to miss a
    lot of info: for example, a preview in color produces about 5kB in dump,
    while the image is really about 100kB long. Questions:

    -Am I missing another read function I have to capture somewhere?
    -Is the data compressed? (don't think so)
    -Is there maybe an easier way to spy on USB?



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