xsane-0.66 available as sourcecode and win32 executable

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 16:52:12 PST

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    xsane-0.66 is available as sourcecode and win32 executable.

     - added setup menu for Automatic Document Feeder Scansource
       (ADF-Scansource name was predefined to "Automatic Document Feeder" before,
        now it can be defined for each device (is saved in decice settings))

     - changed setup for lineart->grayscale scanmode from entry to menu with available scanmodes

     - updated xsane.WIN32-compilation and src/Makefile.in.WIN32
       I compiled a pre version of xsane-0.66 with the cygwin snapshot from 2000-12-10 and
       gtk+-dev-20001023.zip, glib-dev-20001023.zip, libiconv-dev-20001007.zip
       with the way described in xsane.WIN32-compilation without any problems.
       The problem with the fork() seems to be solved in this cygwin version.

     - updated aclocal.m4 and configure (gimp test)

     - creating subprocesses does work now, so:
       - helpfiles are avialable now
       - copy-mode/printing could work with ghostview
         (if anyone does test it, please give feedback)
       - supports network authorization with coming sane-1.0.4
     - compiled with tiff-support (untested)

    get it here:


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