Re: Cannot access my scanner as normal user

From: Jochen Eisinger (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 15:51:49 PST

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    [Raphael Mack]
    > I have a Mustek 6000P scanner and can scan when I am root. If i try to
    > scan as normal user scanimage doesn't find any device. I also tried to
    > use the net-backend, but this ends in an seg fault.
    > What is wrong here? Do I have to set any accessrights?

    Is this a parport or a SCSI scaner... can you please send the
    stack-trace of the core-dump....

    to do this, type

    gdb --core <core-file> <scanimage-with-full-path>
    [... lots of output...]
    [... stack-trace...]


    -- jochen

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