New Release of EPSON Backend

From: Karl Heinz Kremer (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 13:06:09 PST

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    I just uploaded a new release of the EPSON backend to my web site. The
    software can be downloaded from here:

    This release adds support for the newer EPSON scanners that provide more
    than 8 bit data per color channel. These are e.g. the
      - Expression 1600
      - Perfection 1240
      - Perfection 1640

    In addition to these new features there are also bug fixes in this release.
    The more important ones are:
      - fix for user defined gamma curves when scanning negatives
      - the UI is refreshed when the scan mode is changed from BW to grayscale
        and vice versa - the image file size is now displayed correctly.
      - read optical resolution and line distance information from sanner instead
        of using hardcoded values (this did not yet cause a problem, but may
        in the future if EPSON releases scanners that use different values than
        the Perfection610).
      - display "Set Focus Control" only for scanners that do support this feature.

    Please download this backend if you are using one of the newer scanners, or
    if you run into any of the problems fixed in this release.

    To install the software you need a source distribution of SANE (any newer
    release will do, but I suggest you get the latest snapshot release from Copy the four files from the backend directory in
    my backend distribution file into the backend directory of your SANE
    distribution and start "make". Install the SANE software as usual.

    Please report any problems you have with this release directly via email
    to me (

    Have fun with your scanner,

    Karl Heinz

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