Re: Mustek 12000SP works! but color wash out seen

From: Kurt Savegnago (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 15:45:13 PST

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    Hi Henning,

       By washout I mean that the coloration is very decreased in
    intensity. Sometimes the images have a predominately bluish
    cast or even almost appear monotone. It is not a monitor
    issue as it functions fine. The image in the preview
    box looks acceptable and I can't figure out why when I
    do a formal acquisition of an image the saved data appears
    pale when displayed with XV or GIMP. Yes I do have the
    dialog set for color! :)

      I'm not really losing any sleep over this but I will
    go ahead tonight and play with the gamma values and see
    what turns up. I use this same monitor to work with
    my ALR/H-P 6300C combination and the images are just great.
    I think it might be easier to fool with the gamma values
    with xsane and see if I can save some acceptable scans

      I am not implying that the software is at issue here.
    I'm thinking I might have some setting wrong.

                                    Best regards,
                                    Kurt Savegnago

    Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:
    > Hi,
    > On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 10:35:15AM -0600, Kurt Savegnago wrote:
    > > When I saved the images in a variety of formats and then open them
    > > in XV or GIMP the color is washed out. I have Sane set for color
    > > and "Acquire Preview" gives an acceptable image. I haven't messed with
    > > the settings. Is there something I need to do to get it to save the
    > > color information properly?
    > The data that is saved is exactly the data that is send by the
    > scanner. You can adjust gamma values by activating the check box "use
    > custom gamma" and using the gamma curve.
    > > I also went ahead and built xsane-0.64. I used to have problems
    > > in the past but not anymore. It compiled and installed without
    > > difficulty. I set up a separate account logged out of root and
    > > logged-in to the new account. I got Xsane up and running fine.
    > > Again, here I could acquire a preview in full color but when I
    > > saved the images the color would be washed out when opening in
    > > XV or GIMP
    > What do you mean by "washed out"? Are the colors to bright? I have
    > never heard about something like this. Are you sure that you don't
    > have problems with your display (maybe only 256 colors)? Does this
    > happen with scanimage, too (compare the result of a normal scan with a
    > preview (e.g. 100 dpi))? If this happens, can you put the two images
    > on a www or ftp server because I want to check this?
    > Bye,
    > Henning
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