Mustek 12000SP works! but color wash out seen

From: Kurt Savegnago (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 08:35:15 PST

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       I bought a cheap $60.00 12000SP scsi scanner about a year ago.
    Got it working in WinBlows with the proprietary card and it gave
    acceptable results. They were so acceptable that I almost
    regretted getting an H-P 6300C!

       I never did get it working on the Linux side until recently.
    Heard about the proprietary card being junky and really couldn't
    get linux to work with an AVA-1510 card. I did try an 2940UW card
    but the other devices wouldn't respond.
      I let the thing sit for 9 months and decided to throw a machine
    together on Sunday just for fun. I used an old Micronics M6Hi PPro
    board and decided to just toss in a Buslogic BT-958 card for
    the scanner and not connect up any other devices. I recompiled
    the kernel up to 2.4.0-test11 and actually got a PPro 333Mhz
    cpu to work in the thing. It wasn't recognized in the BIOS as
    a 333Mhz unit (it said 75Mhz!) but Linux gave the appropriate
    response to cat /proc/cpuinfo and also said it was 661 BogoMips.
    It also ran faster.
      Sane-1.0.3 compiled up just fine and xscanimage fired right up
    and RAN RIGHT OFF THE BAT! I thought that was really cool!
    I scanned some magazine covers (Linux Journals actually)and saved
    the images to the hard drive. My question is this:

    When I saved the images in a variety of formats and then open them
    in XV or GIMP the color is washed out. I have Sane set for color
    and "Acquire Preview" gives an acceptable image. I haven't messed with
    the settings. Is there something I need to do to get it to save the
    color information properly?

    I also went ahead and built xsane-0.64. I used to have problems
    in the past but not anymore. It compiled and installed without
    difficulty. I set up a separate account logged out of root and
    logged-in to the new account. I got Xsane up and running fine.
    Again, here I could acquire a preview in full color but when I
    saved the images the color would be washed out when opening in
    XV or GIMP

      Thanks for the help. I am also using an H-P 6300C with my
    renovated ALR Quad 6 with four 333Mhz Pentium Pro Overdrive cpu's,
    three SCA 10,000 rpm drives and a tekram DC390U2W LVD controller.
    The system really rocks! Image manipulation is a blast and the
    investment on my part was about $2,300.00. I know that may be
    a bit much but I like the solidness of the ALR case and dual
    power supplies. The system with four 166Mhz PPros four years
    ago was $34,000! The ALR Quad 6's will run with the PPro
    Overdrive, I know that for a fact. I suspect the 6 X 6 would
    also work although I don't know anyone who has tried it.
    I do have eight OD's I could use to try though! :)

                                    Kurt Savegnago

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