Re: Mods to microtek2.c

From: Karsten Festag (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 14:36:05 PST

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    Hi Ernest,

    Ernest Christley wrote:

    > I modified the microtek2.c file to include 0xaf

    what type of scanner is this and what version of microtek2.c did you

    > and it works fine until
    > the file size exceeds some point around 3 to 3.5Meg. At that point, the
    > output file has strange blocks that are shifted, and look like
    > negatives. Some of the blocks look like the red component, some look
    > like green and some look like blue. All the blocks are discernable as
    > being part of the picture, it just that they're one color and do not
    > line up. Any ideas?

    Maybe there is a variable of the wrong (too short) type overflowing.

    > I tried using some of the parameter of the other
    > scanners listed with no luck. In particular I tried to set
    > MD_FORMAT_DATA_WRONG and set the control data to 320 (both names are
    > from memory, so are probably wrong.)

    These variables (I think you mean the lines
         md->model_flags |= MD_DATA_FORMAT_WRONG;
         md->n_control_bytes = 320;)
    are only useful for special scanner types, probably not for your one.

    If you can send me a logfile, I will have a look if I can find the

    For the logfile please set in your microtek2.conf
    option dump 3

    and in a terminal
    export SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2=128

    You can start then
    xscanimage 2>xscan.log

    in this terminal which creates the file xscan.log.

    Please do only one scan because the logfile is getting pretty big (and
    please zip the file for sending it)

    probably you already know all these things about the logfile, I only
    for sure.



    P.S. By the way; does Alcatel uses Linux in a big style?

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