Snapscan and Linux

From: Ian Cartwright (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 12:36:05 PST

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    Is anyone out there haveing success using an Acer Prisa USB scanner
    (specifically the 320U but any one will do) with Sane 1.03 with or without
    updates? I have been trying to get mine to run on FreeBSD without quite
    getting it to work, and I was thinking about slapping Linux on this system
    and seeing if that makes a difference. My scanner (a 320U) works fine with
    Windows 98, but that's on a different box.

    If you are using Snapscan successfully, what distro of Linux are you using?
    I'm a Linux newbie, so if I don't have to get too complicated with my
    install, it would be nice... ;-)



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