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From: Oliver Schwartz (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 04:24:35 PDT

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    this all sounds a bit strange to me...

    > First thing I noticed was that scanimage was no longer in the path, and
    > xscanimage was no longer available at all. So, I cd /usr/local/bin and type
    > ./scanimage -L. Lo and behold, I see on the screen something to the effect:
    > "Device snapscan:/dev/usbscanner is a Color FlatbedScanner13 flatbed
    > scanner" or something like that.

    This seems to indicate two things: Your PATH may not include /usr/local/bin or
    you haven't 'rehashed' after uninstalling and installing sane. This should be
    easy to resolve. Secondly, USB communication seems to work, otherwise scanimage
    wouldn't recognize your scanner.

    > 2) Unfortunately, when I run ./scanimage -T the system essentially core
    > dumps (not a core dump but something like it).
    > 3) According to the original instructions as well as info here I'm supposed
    > to upload new firmware using the acerfirm utility. I have been trying to do
    > this from the very beginning but something has changed and I don't know
    > what. Originally I could simply type ./acerfirm -v /dev/usbscanner
    > u64v115.bin and I would see the intial scanner read info (scanner would show
    > as a FlatbedScanner16 with a firmware date of Oct. 1999). Within a few
    > moments, the scanner would make all sorts of good noise (reinitializing) and
    > then acerfirm would report that the firmware was successfully uploaded.
    > Now, however, no matter when I attempt to run that same utility, I
    > constantly get "scanner.c read.scanner got funky result: -75. contact
    > maintainer (again, may not be exact but the funky result: -75 is)". The
    > scanner makes no noise, and this time the info returned from the scanner is
    > blank.

    This again sounds as if USB communication does not work anymore. First,
    'acerfirm' is independent of sane, so it should work no matter how you compiled
    and installed sane. If it doesn't work there is probably something wrong with
    the USB kernel layer (scanner.c is part of the kernel USB layer). The best
    thing I can suggest is a reboot or unloading and reloading of all USB related
    kernel modules (scanner, usb-uhci or usb-ohci and usbcore). Be sure that the
    scanner module recognizes your scanner (you should get something similar to the
    dump below in /var/log/messages:

    scanner.c: USB Scanner support registered.
    scanner.c: open_scanner(0): invalid scn_minor
    usb.c: USB new device connect, assigned device number 2
    scanner.c: probe_scanner: User specified USB scanner -- Vendor:Product -

    You may have to supply the vendor and product ID by hand to the scanner module
    - the version I have doesn't recognize my scanner automatically.

    > There must be something installed incorrectly. I edited
    > /usr/local/etc/sane.d/sane.conf to add Color and /dev/usbscanner. There is
    > also an /etc/sane.d directory which contained sane.conf.rpmsave. Is it
    > possible that the rpm created the /etc/sane.d directory? Should I symlink
    > this to /usr/local/etc/sane.d?

    Obviously the previous installation used /etc/sane.d. You have modified
    sane.conf, so rpm didn't delete the file and directory. You can probably delete
    the whole stuff manually, but it doesn't hurt if it's still there.

    Still, the problem remains that USB communication in (1) worked and later it
    didn't. The only solution I can think of is that you have loaded kernel modules
    with different parameters between both tests.

    You should first try to get acerfirm to work again. Once you have uploaded the
    firmware 'scanimage -L' should report 'FlatbedScanner16' instead of
    'FlatbedScanner13'. (You won't be able to scan at all with the original

    If scanimage still coredumps you should supply the output. Maybe it makes sense
    to someone.

    Good luck,


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