Re: Acer620UT

From: Paul Nixon (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 16:16:55 PDT

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    I must have something wrong going on. I get some indications that the system
    sees the scanner but it's a no go.

    1) I discovered Sane-1.0.1 was already installed as an RPM, as was
    sane-devel. Once I removed this rpm I recompiled and reinstalled Sane-1.0.2.
    First thing I noticed was that scanimage was no longer in the path, and
    xscanimage was no longer available at all. So, I cd /usr/local/bin and type
    ./scanimage -L. Lo and behold, I see on the screen something to the effect:
    "Device snapscan:/dev/usbscanner is a Color FlatbedScanner13 flatbed
    scanner" or something like that.

    2) Unfortunately, when I run ./scanimage -T the system essentially core
    dumps (not a core dump but something like it).

    3) According to the original instructions as well as info here I'm supposed
    to upload new firmware using the acerfirm utility. I have been trying to do
    this from the very beginning but something has changed and I don't know
    what. Originally I could simply type ./acerfirm -v /dev/usbscanner
    u64v115.bin and I would see the intial scanner read info (scanner would show
    as a FlatbedScanner16 with a firmware date of Oct. 1999). Within a few
    moments, the scanner would make all sorts of good noise (reinitializing) and
    then acerfirm would report that the firmware was successfully uploaded.

    Now, however, no matter when I attempt to run that same utility, I
    constantly get "scanner.c read.scanner got funky result: -75. contact
    maintainer (again, may not be exact but the funky result: -75 is)". The
    scanner makes no noise, and this time the info returned from the scanner is

    There must be something installed incorrectly. I edited
    /usr/local/etc/sane.d/sane.conf to add Color and /dev/usbscanner. There is
    also an /etc/sane.d directory which contained sane.conf.rpmsave. Is it
    possible that the rpm created the /etc/sane.d directory? Should I symlink
    this to /usr/local/etc/sane.d?

    Oh, and I did uncomment the snapscan-usb line.

    Getting close but not quite there yet (I know I can, I know I can).

    Thanks again for the help.

    Paul Nixon

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