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From: Steve Underwood (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 19:12:44 PDT

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    Paul Nixon wrote:

    > I'm working on trying to get my Acer 620UT USB scanner working and so
    > far I've not had any luck. I apologize in advance if the info I
    > provide is not in any logical order. 2.2.16 kernel, 2.3 backport
    > (about 2 weeks ago), Sane 1.0.1 with Henrik Johansson's patch
    > applied. I see in /usr/local/bin/sane*/backend there is a snapscan.c
    > and a snapscan-usb.c file, but only snapscan gets built. Is there
    > really a snapscan-usb or is that part of the patch I applied? Should I
    > just get a newer version of Sane? When I boot my system it says "USB
    > scanner has claimed interface xxx" along with "USB scanner,
    > Manufacturer Color" and "USB scanner, Product ID: FlatbedScanner 13",
    > or words to that effect. However, scanimage -L and scanimage -T seem
    > to lock the USB bus for a long time. Would appreciate any help. Thanks
    > in advance, Paul Nixon

    I'm not sure if the USB patch works with SANE 1.0.1 I understand it
    works with 1.0.2. You need to edit the snapscan.c files to enable it,
    though. Scan the files for snapscan-usb.c, and you should find an
    include which is commented out. Enable it and rebuild.

    I have produced an updated snapscan driver at This fixes
    a color alignment problem with the driver, but I don't know what else it
    may have broken. It works OK for my Acer 610+, but that is the only
    scanner I have tried it with. I haven't had a lot of feedback from other
    people. This driver is now in the latest CVS copy of SANE, if you want
    to grab that and try it.


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