RE: Microtek Phantom with ppSCSI

From: Marcel Pol (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 06:29:27 PDT

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    On 24-Jul-00 Riku Turkia wrote:
    > Has anyone got Microtek Phantom with parallel port cable (model MRS-600V3)
    > working with ppSCSI patches? I have tried but without any luck.

    Not that same model, but i had two working with ppscsi.
    > What should be compiled into the kernel (built-in or module)?

    I guess you patched it already. If not, read the kernel howto. You don't need
    the -p0 option, but the -p1 option.

    You need the sg module, ppscsi and onscsi.
    It might be that you need scsi_mod, but i'm not sure.
    When you do modprobe ppscsi, and insmod onscsi, they should be loaded.
    I like it as module, with the 2.2 kernel i have some problems with sharing the
    parport with a printer. With 2.4 it seems to go much smoother, but well, i used
    it only for one week.

    There are two versions of the patch.
    I believe the normal one is for 2.2.12 and before.
    The other one is from 7-dec-99 and is for newer kernels.

    > Or am I wasting my time?

    I don't think so.

    Marcel Pol
    Suse 6.3 Kernel 2.2.16

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