Re: please help. Microtek v300 device I/O error

From: Bernd Schroeder (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 10:13:14 PDT

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    > I'm relatively new to Linux and this is my first experience with sane.
    > I have no programming experience. My girlfriend's company recently gave
    > her an old scanner that they replaced and I would like to get it working
    > with my Linux machine. Aparrently, the scanner was working well with
    > Win98, but ocassionally flaked out requiring a Win reboot.
    > I posted a message earlier about this problem and haven't gotten an
    > answer yet ... at this point I would appreciate even a flame as long as
    > it helps me decide to move in 1 direction or another! :)
    > The scanner is a Microtek Scanmaker V300 parallel port scanner. I'm
    > running Linux Mandrake 2.2.9-19mdk. It was quite a struggle, but I
    > managed to install the ppscsi kernel patches. I can load ppscsi, sg,
    > and onscsi with insmod without a problem. When I run 'scanimage -d
    > microtek2:/dev/sga', however, I get "Error during device I/O." I looked
    > through the san-devel mailing list archives and found that someone else
    > had a similar problem, but I never saw an answer ... just advice to set
    > SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2=30 and publish the results. I did that.
    > Here are the last few lines of output, where the errors are displayed:
    > ..
    > [microtek2] dump_area: SenseBuffer
    > 0: f00005ffffffe91f 0000000024000000 ........ ....$...
    > 16: 2800830060000000 0000000102030405 (...`... ........
    > 32: 060708090a0b ......
    > [microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: info: ' f'
    > [microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: Invalid field in CDB
    > [microtek2] scsi_read_image_status: 'Error during device I/O'
    > [microtek2] scsi_wait_for_image: 'Error during device I/O'
    > [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    > scanimage: sane_start: Error during device I/O
    > [microtek2] sane_cancel: handle=0x80561b0
    > [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    > [microtek2] sane_close: ms=0x80561b0
    > [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    > [microtek2] sane_exit:
    > [microtek2] sane_get_devices: local_only=0
    > [microtek2] sane_get_devices: sd_list_freed
    > [microtek2] sane_exit: MICROTEK2 says goodbye.

    I do remember that the V300 SCSI model has had problems with exactly
    this command (read_image_status). This command gets the scanner
    into calibration before a scan actually starts. The solution
    (or workaround (?) ) was to skip this command, and everything worked

    This command is part of the recommended SCSI command flow as
    described in the Microtek documentation, and some models do not
    work without it, but the V300 (and ScanMaker 630), for example,
    apparently do not need it. What is the model code of your
    model (printed earlier in the debug output) and the version
    of the backend (also earlier in the debug output) ?


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