please help. Microtek v300 device I/O error

From: Doug Wilson (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 10:37:18 PDT

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    I'm relatively new to Linux and this is my first experience with sane.
    I have no programming experience. My girlfriend's company recently gave
    her an old scanner that they replaced and I would like to get it working
    with my Linux machine. Aparrently, the scanner was working well with
    Win98, but ocassionally flaked out requiring a Win reboot.

    I posted a message earlier about this problem and haven't gotten an
    answer yet ... at this point I would appreciate even a flame as long as
    it helps me decide to move in 1 direction or another! :)

    The scanner is a Microtek Scanmaker V300 parallel port scanner. I'm
    running Linux Mandrake 2.2.9-19mdk. It was quite a struggle, but I
    managed to install the ppscsi kernel patches. I can load ppscsi, sg,
    and onscsi with insmod without a problem. When I run 'scanimage -d
    microtek2:/dev/sga', however, I get "Error during device I/O." I looked
    through the san-devel mailing list archives and found that someone else
    had a similar problem, but I never saw an answer ... just advice to set
    SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2=30 and publish the results. I did that.

    Here are the last few lines of output, where the errors are displayed:
    [microtek2] dump_area: SenseBuffer
         0: f00005ffffffe91f 0000000024000000 ........ ....$...
        16: 2800830060000000 0000000102030405 (...`... ........
        32: 060708090a0b ......
    [microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: info: ' f'
    [microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: Invalid field in CDB
    [microtek2] scsi_read_image_status: 'Error during device I/O'
    [microtek2] scsi_wait_for_image: 'Error during device I/O'
    [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    scanimage: sane_start: Error during device I/O
    [microtek2] sane_cancel: handle=0x80561b0
    [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    [microtek2] sane_close: ms=0x80561b0
    [microtek2] cleanup_scanner: ms=0x80561b0
    [microtek2] sane_exit:
    [microtek2] sane_get_devices: local_only=0
    [microtek2] sane_get_devices: sd_list_freed
    [microtek2] sane_exit: MICROTEK2 says goodbye.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something completely stupid?
    Does no-one have an answer for this problem? Is the scanner hardware
    bad and should I just chuck it and forget about it?

    As I wrote before, any answer at all would be appreciated.

    Also, if anyone knows a way that I can search the mailing list archives
    I'd be happy to do that, but I didn't see a method for doing so.


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